I Am Blind Renderer

Pope Kim Nov 11, 2008


Okay. Since it's my first post, I figured it would make the most sense to explain why I picked up the name, Blind Renderer.

Sadly, it's my identity.

First, I'm a renderer, which is another name for a graphics programmer(in the gaming industry), but for some reason, I like to be called as a renderer than a graphics programmer. So there goes the first(or second) bit.

Second, I am really blind…. Well sorta… I'm actually color blind. People do ask me which color I cannot see. Sorry, but I can see all the colors. Actually, I have a mild form of color blindness, which is called Anomalous Trichromacy, I believe. According to Wikipedia:

Anomalous trichromacy is a common type of inherited color vision deficiency, occurring when one of the three cone pigments is altered in its spectral sensitivity. This results in an impairment, rather than loss, of trichromacy (normal three-dimensional color vision).

  • Protanomaly is a mild color vision defect in which an altered spectral sensitivity of red retinal receptors (closer to green receptor response) results in poor red-green hue discrimination. It is hereditary, sex-linked, and present in 1% of all males. It is often passed from mother to child.
  • Deuteranomaly, caused by a similar shift in the green retinal receptors, is by far the most common type of color vision deficiency, mildly affecting red-green hue discrimination in 5% of all males. It is hereditary and sex-linked.
  • Tritanomaly is a rare, hereditary color vision deficiency affecting blue-yellow hue discrimination.

When I say, "I'm color blind. And I'm a renderer", people think I am lying because they think color blinds cannot do the work. But as I said above, I am not completely color blind, so I can do my job (and I love this job) although having weaker color sense is a bit unfortunate. And trust me, I have even seen a color-blind environment artist lead who's kicking ass in his job. (well minus texture works)

So long story short, I'm color blind and a renderer, which makes me Blind Renderer. Such a cool nickname, eh?