You Suck

Pope Kim Nov 19, 2008

I respect people's honesty. And my definition of honesty is speaking up the truth in a super straight manner even if it's brutally harsh to someone. I'm kinda known for being bluntly honest, especially at the school I'm teaching game programming students.

I always say good things about other good teachers, and don't hesitate to bitch about other horrible teachers. And as I always say, one good thing about working at the Art Institute of Vancouver is they don't have any contract term or condition which prevents me from commenting on other instructors' competencies. Woohoo, my mouth is not zipped here. How wonderful is it?

But teachers are not someone I want to talk about here: it's about students, well certain students. I have some students who, in my brutally honest opinion, won't be able to get a job in this industry in million years, if not trillion years. I always want to tell them the truth so that they can switch to a right career for them before wasting 10 to 20 thousand dollars of money as well as 2 years of lifetime at this school.

But here is one funny thing. Most people are not really good at accepting criticism. I'm no exception, either: It takes time for me to accept criticism unless I ask for their criticisms first. Knowing that, I don't really tell them "You Suck Superly Duperly" unless they ask my opinion on their bright future in this industry. So how often do you think they come to me and ask? NEVER… never from those suckers. Only students with at least decent, thus employable, skills ask me to evaluate himself. I believe their intention is to get better and better. Then why those suckers never try to get my "invaluable" opinion? This is my theory… I think they already know they suck, but they don't wanna accept it, so they just avoid, or deny, it. You know when people are afraid of something, they tend to fall into the realm of ultimate freesbee…… I mean, ultimate denial…

But you know what? If you don't accept it, you won't get better… you won't be out of it forever…

I'm always ready to give you my two cents. Just ask me a simple question: "Do you think I can get a job in the gaming industry?"