Awesome Andrew Sheret

Pope Kim Dec 6, 2008

My little cutie boiler have been acting up for a while, thus making me sleep in the cold room quite a while. This 15-year old baby had some gas-shutoff problem and then flame sensor problem, which were all fixed about a month ago or so. That's all good. My plumber all took care of it. I think I could have easily replaced the flame sensor, but not the gas valve. I'm totally a chicken when faced with gas-related problems. It just stinks…… :P

About 2 or 3 weeks this troubled kid's brain, aka control circuit board, is fried. Yum… frieeeed. This time, I decided to fix it by myself instead of calling a plumber who wanted me to pay $260 for this. I'm not really afraid of electronic stuff, given that I've been dealing with that kinda stuff, including computer assembling, for more than like 15 years now. So why not. But the first challenge I ran into was that most heating appliance parts stores don't really open late, especially during weekends.

I went out for part hunting last saturday, which I intially thought a success, but turned out to be a failure. I bought this Super Hot (yum… hoooooot…) zone control board at $190 from Milani, but the part was not working, so I had to return it because they did not have any more in stock. By the time I returned it, 12:30 PM, the next store I wanted to go, Andrew Sheret, was closed already. They only open from 8 to 12 on Saturday and closed on Sunday. Also they close at 4PM during weekdays, and the earliest time I can get off from my work is 5PM. Booooo~ So I had to sleep in my cold room for a week.

Fianlly I had chance to visit Andrew Sheret today, and bought the same part, but not broken this time and only at $156.32! It's 21.5% cheaper than Milani and 66% cheaper than the plumber! Hell ya!

I will definately re-visit Andrew Sheret next time I need another part.