Unprofessionalism Pisses Me Off

Pope Kim Dec 17, 2008

I'm known, or notorious, for getting pissed at unprofessional people. My definition of professionalism doesn't involve acting nice, or fake, or always wearing big grin on the face: this kind of people are just super unprofessional, so they have to pretend professionalism in that way.

Real professional people are who own their stuff. In other words, they are experts at what they are doing, so making other people's life easier. And the Utopia I'm dreaming of is where everyone is so good at what s/he is doing, and voluntarily helping out other people with their specialities. If everyone does so, the world would be super nice to live. (Well, this world is already darn nice to live though)

However, so many people are just too sloppy at what they are doing, so burdening, or bothering, other people with their own responsibilities. Whenever I see this type of people, I get pissed. If I find out I have to fill in their sloppiness, I flip out.