Only Skills Should Talk

Pope Kim Aug 3, 2009

I'm one of those people who truly believe in skills. In other words, I do not like talkers, backstabber, or anyone who tries to climb up the food chain by playing politics. Those people disgust me pretty well, and if I see a place where those people are allowed, I tend to question the place, too.

I might be the one who's living in la-la land, and there have been multiple people who tried to tell me that's just how it works in reality. But they are wrong unless they were saying that's how "usually" things get done. I know one thing from my experience: those who try to find their reasonings from the majority rule are simply making excuses. You can very easily try to justify yourself by saying "oh everyone does that, and I'm just one of those. So, I'm fine." The truth is that you are not fine if you really have to justify yourself by hiding yourself in the crowd. If you are doing something right, you wouldn't need to find any justification for yourself at all.

Extraordinary things are not in the realm of majority rule: it's rather a minority. If you wanna stay ordinary, then go ahead. But I'd rather be anything but ordinary.