Booting up to command-line on Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick

Pope Kim Jan 17, 2011

ubuntu logo

I've finally installed Ubuntu 10.10 over the weekend. My main motivation for installing Linux (first time in my life) was to have a test server for web programming I'm doing for fun. Since I really didn't care about Linux GUI, I installed Ubuntu Server as a base and installed ubuntu-desktop(apt-get install ubuntu-desktop) top of it, which made everything ugly: whenever I boot up, it showed GUI login screen (GDM)…. yuck…

So I tried to disable GDM.. I did a lot of google search, but all the tips I got from the web didn't work for me. I suspect those tips work for older versions, or direct Ubuntu Desktop installation. Finally, with my linux/unix guru buddie, Daniel's help, I managed to achieve this in a correct way. :) This is how I did:

  1. edit /etc/init/gdm.conf ("sudo vi /etc/init/gdm.conf" for me)
  2. change where it says:

    start on ( filesystem


    start on (runlevel [5]


  3. change

    stop on runlevel [016]</span>


    stop on runlevel [01236]

Apparently this makes all the run level same as Unix…. (On the web, there was another suggestion to achieve this by changing only stop on runlevel [0126]", but this was giving me a boot-up freeze….)

so there you go, if you have same problem with me, hopefully this will fix your problem :)