Coding Convention and IDE Customization

Pope Kim Feb 28, 2011

There is always a huge discussion about how to "format" one's code. Since it's mostly personal preferance issue, I don't care too much about how other people do.

My way of formatting code is very simple. I just follow Visual Studio's auto-complete way. Sure, VC++ doesn't really do auto-complete, so I usually follow VC#'s. (I happen to program a lot both in C++ and C#, so it's easier for me to have just one convention for both, that is)

I suspect one can easily change auto-complete rules, but spending hours to configure those things is just not my thing. (Too many things? :-))

It's same for IDE customization. I'm still very surprised to see many of my fellow game programmers still use VC6's shortcut keys. So everytime I go over at their desk and debug something, it's painful.

So after all, I just adapt myself to new shortcuts whenever there is change. Forced standards = not so great, but easy enough to get familiar with. And less pain in ass in the long term, so the choice is obvious… well at least for me..:p

It does all the indentation for me too, so why not just use them all as-is?