Do Your Part for the Environment, Shaw

Pope Kim Feb 19, 2012

Shaw communications is a load of bullcrap. I'm pretty sure any Shaw subscribers, whether it is cable TV, internet or digital phone, would remember that you were asked to switch to paper-free billing to save the environment. You even probably remember the following picture, which was mailed to you at least once or twice.


image source:, of course an environment-friendly-fraudly company.

This is great. Don't you think? I switched to paperless instantly(or maybe even before I was asked) not because I cared too much about the environment. It was just moreconvenientfor me to receive the bill via email. See? I'm being honest at least. Unfortunately, Shaw is not.

So did Shaw really care about the environment? My answer is no. Since a lot of customers switched to paperless billing, Shaw increased the number of promotional materials PRINTED ON PAPER AND MAILED to you. Yup, so now I'm getting more mails from Shaw. For example, last week I received two. One is asking me to sign up for their digital phone service(AGAIN!), and the other was some new internet or TV service, called EXO. And this EXO mail was printed on higher-quality glossier paper than your normal paper bills.

So Shaw saved some money, not the environment, by not printing your bills on paper and used that saving to print their promotional materials more aggressively.

Way to go, Shaw. Do your part for theEnvironment, if you really meant, or just don't BS. I'll accept you. I have great a fondness toward a business which's trying to make money without lies.