Why Da Hell Am I Inventing the Wheel Again?

Pope Kim Jul 11, 2012

My goal of this week: finishing the Screen Space Decal presentation that I'll give out at Siggraph 2012. If it was purely just making a ppt file I think I would have been more inspired to finish it. The problem is that I'm not with Relic any more and I have no access to their codebase or running editor. So, I'm re-implementing all the features again just to have a demo program where I can take enough screen captures.

It's pretty boring to be honest. I'm not really learning anything by doing this. Just repeating what I already know inside out. Anyways all the feature implementation is done, and some test assets are all placed. So I'll try to finish this week.

I have a couple of interesting projects I wanna work on after this, so I might be able to use that as my motivation to finish the presentation… we will seee…