The Easiest Way to Transfer Windows Boot Disk to New SSD

Pope Kim Nov 13, 2023

Operating systems installed on disks often suffer from lack of storage space, making it challenging to increase capacity due to the cumbersome process of transferring data.

Previously, I used Windows' own imaging program, but now it has become slow and inconvenient due to increased data size. Other programs are also slow or expensive.

When deeply engaged in development work, it's best to have no downtime (whether for research or for imaging and recovery).

Therefore, to efficiently transfer a Windows boot disk to a new SSD without wasting time, follow these steps:

  1. Purchase a Samsung SSD larger than your current disk's capacity.
  2. Search for 'Samsung Data Migration Software' on Google, download and install it from the Samsung website.
    • Ensure to download 'Samsung Data Migration Software', not 'Samsung Magician'.
  3. If your current disk is encrypted with BitLocker, disable it.
  4. Run the software and follow a few simple clicks.
  5. Wait for about 1 to 2 hours.

While other company's SSDs are incompatible, Samsung SSDs are among the best products available. Thus, using them is thought to be the most time-saving and efficient method.