Lying Throughout Your Career

Pope Kim Feb 7, 2012

There was someone who did (have to) leave my company recently. He is one of those people who have to jump around companies after short stays. Yeah, you know why. And today, I happened to read his blog post explaining why he was leaving. A lot of my co-workers enjoyed it because it reminded us of the Lord of the Rings, arguably the best fantasy fiction to date.


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I am not going to point out all the lies because 'someone' desperately needs those to stay in this industry. I just suspect pretty soon 'someone' will have to find a job outside of this beautiful city, Vancouver, because he seems to be very well-known here. Furthermore, dealing with a possible defamation charge is not something I want to do at this moment although I'm pretty sure I would enjoy it because I'll win no matter what: my claim is not false, that is. (after all, I'm still a lawyer, hah!) Just it's a headache dealing with an idiot with no clue, but if anyone asks me personally, I wouldn't hesitate to tell him/her. I'm an honest guy and can't lie or hide anything.

Oh, speaking of lies, I know how todistinguish facts from opinions or judgement. That's one thing I was trained for really hard at mylawschool. For the same reason, I call him a liar for claiming false facts, not because of his out-of-mind judgement or opinions. But if he truly believes in what he claims, I guess he has absolutely no minimum required skillset to be an engineer, or this place will be his new home.