Surviving Winter in Montreal - Snowfall - ALOT

Pope Kim Dec 28, 2012

So yesterday we had some snow.. I mean.. somewhat alot…. 45 to 50 Cm a day. fun eh?

First I shoveled the pathway in front of my house… it took me about 30 mins.

Then I moved to my backyard/parking lot. I spent about 2~3 hours to clear 2/3 of the parking lot until I had to go out for my Thursday ritual: pub crawl with one of my buddies here. The city does really good job at cleaning major roads. All those snow piles at the curbside will be removed by city in coming days. I was told it would take about a week this time.

One nice thing about having a heavy snow was that there were not many people at the pub. So it was quiet and cozy: just how I like. Yum~

So while having a couple of drinks, I asked my friend if it's common to have this much snow. He said "Yeah, this is decent.." So I thought 'okay I have to be prepared for worse snowfalls and shoveling'… But… now I'm watching a news while writing this blog post. It says it was the record high snow fall for a single day in Montreal history. I'm gonna go f**king kick his ass… :P Oh well, the good news is that now I know i can survive the worst snowfall here.. right?

By the way, I shoveled about 3 more hours today to finish my parking lot.