This and That: Use Decals to Crash Your Car

Pope Kim Jun 11, 2010

Some recent interesting news and stuff:

  • July 2010 issues of Game Developer Magazine has an interesting article on Decal Tessellation: The author's showing off how to crash a car with this type of decal. You need DX11 for this.
  • There are 3D gaming pushes from both PS3 and X360: I don't see it getting bigger than a small niche market any time soon.
  • If you are using PCF filter for shadow map. This is a great reading on how to make it faster by using deferred shadow mask. However, I don't agree with the measurement on the paper since the scene used for benchmarking is fairly simple and half of it is just pure sky. I wish it had more realistic measurement with typical game scene
  • Seth Gordon shares his opinion on Hourly Work vs Linchpin Work: He says "if there are no short term substitutes, then you don't pay what the market will bear, instead you pay what someone is worth". Hopefully this will give some lessons to game studio owners.
  • BC government finally passed tax credit for game studios(and for other digital media companies): It is 17.5%, which is lower than other provinces in Canada. But it's definitely better than nothing and a good start.