Future of Intro to Shader Programming Book

Pope Kim Feb 13, 2014

I have been posting the English version of my Intro to Shader Programming book in this blog. I intended to publish it some years ago, but I had more important things to occupy myself. I thought it was a bit too late to publish this book, but I got lucky this time.

Luckily, my friend who owns an e-book only publisher wants to publish it. I'm one of people who wants all the programming books available exclusively online, removing the need for any non-standard, paper-specific layout design. So I decided to give it to him. This means I can't post all chapters on my blog, but I managed to negotiate a bit. As a result, I will be posting up to Chapter 6 on this blog, which is about the half of this book. I hope that this new "DLC scheme" won't piss you off and people who enjoyed it on my blog would buy it.

I still have rights to post all the rest chapters on my blog. But as a good will for the publisher, I won't post them unless the book becomes unavailable for some reason in the future.

The book will be sold on Amazon, iBooks and Google Play Books, starting sometime in March or April 2014.